The Emergency Room Is Never A Pleasant Experience Essay

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Going to the emergency room is never a pleasant experience. One reason being that when you go to be seen you spend a great deal of time waiting in the waiting area. The waiting process starts from the time you walk into registration. Emergency room wait times plague our nation and other countries around the world as well. The importance of reducing wait times in a hospital’s emergency department is one of the top goals in progress at most hospitals. A person can come into the emergency department with what seems to be a minor problem but can ultimately turn into a major problem. This type of issue can result in the death of a patient and that is something that a hospital wants to avoid. However, it is not always avoidable when it comes to going to the hospital for a serious health issue. The hospital becomes liable once a patient is checked in by the registration department. Once checked in it is also the responsibility of the hospital staff to get the patient seen in a timely manner. If the matter is emergent then the patient takes priority over a patient that has a non-emergent matter. This does anger some of the patients that do not have much patience for those who gets seen before them when they arrived at the hospital first. Again, frustration kicks in for the patient.
The Frustration of the ER Waiting Room
When a person comes into the emergency room they expect to be seen in a timely manner but this is almost never the case. Waiting in a hospital can cause an extreme…

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