The Effects Of Teen Pregnancy On Early Pregnancy Essay

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However, granted that teens constitute the part more dramatically affected in early pregnancy, the major mission is defined by promoting a better and timely instruction and sex education involving American teens, obtaining more committed teens into the prevention of early pregnancy. For example, in her "Diary of a Teen Mom", Arielle Haney, teen mother of John, 2 years old, affirms, "Teens need to know that it can happen to anyone. They need to hear true accounts of teen pregnancy." In fact, she sadly explains, how she was criticized and told she was a ailure. How she had to deal with the embarrassment to her peers in high school, asking her if she was pregnant. Actually, she is still dealing with the fact that she had a child earlier than most, and how hard it has been being the sole caretaker for her son. Haney also stated, that she had wished to have someone who had sat her down and told her that having a baby means "...a lifetime commitment." Consequently, teens have to assess the consequences they could confront by having sex in a careless way. And, accordingly, teens have to be compelled, not only to talk openly to their parents, doctors, or other trusted adults, but also to find out how they can obtain birth control, if they decide to become sexually active. Unquestionably, nowadays, it becomes a must for each teen to be aware of the risks engaged in sexual activity, and certainly, they need to know the effective ways to prevent early pregnancy (Kalmuss).
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