The Education Of The State Of Minnesota Essay

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The Department of Education in the state of Minnesota has made a clear commitment to requiring Minnesota middle and high school students to learn about Minnesota American Indians past and present in language arts and social studies courses. As a result, in this course, for example, we read Ojibwa Warrior and While the Locus Sleeps, as well as blog posts focused on American Indian issues.

Prompt: Is this commitment to studying Minnesota American Indians beneficial for young Minnesota students? Do you agree with the state’s commitment to including Minnesota Indian literature and history in the curriculum?

Write an essay in response to the prompt question. You should create an argument and support your argument with appropriate reasons, evidence, and examples. Your support could come from your own experience, the texts you read, or other knowledge you possess. Aim to have three supporting reasons for your thesis statement.

Some questions to get you thinking:
What did you learn from reading the story of Peter Razor or Dennis Banks?
What are the important messages of the book about power? About injustice?
What obstacles does the protagonist overcome? What can we learn from him and his struggles?
What important learning did you take away from the blogs or websites you read?

Will Leach

I believe that the State’s commitment to American Indian history is extremely beneficial, but if the state was really committed, it would dedicate much…

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