Essay on The Economic Status Of African Americans

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In the United States perhaps no ethnicity has dealt with more racial discrimination than African Americans. In the past laws were constructed that made social mobility for African Americans close to impossible and kept them as second class citizens. The system of slavery forced Blacks to be exploited for the economic gain of white plantation owners, and after slavery Jim Crow Laws discriminated against Blacks and solidified their economic racial inferiority. In the 1970’s this was a huge topic of debate. William Julius Wilson argues in his publication, “The Declining Significance of Race” that African American’s socioeconomic status has a lot more to do with class rather than race. Charles Vert Willie opposes Wilson’s assertion and argues that race is a more significant factor in determining the socio economic status of African Americans. While both scholars put up valid arguments, when objectively looking at the evidence we can clearly see that class is much more of a driving factor in socio-economic status rather than race. The facts that prove this claim up is through examining the socio-economic status of educated African Americans, comparisons between educated blacks and their white counterpart, and examining the main causes for poverty in the black underclass. This same debate continues in the 21st century and the same arguments hold true in modern times.
When examining the socio-economic status of college-educated African Americans we can see that class is more of a…

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