The Economic Development Of Saudi Arabia Essay

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Before seizing the opportunity to write this essay, I had never come across issues pertaining to foreclosure, nor had I ever encountered people being evicted and forced out of their homes. I was raised overseas in Saudi Arabia, until the completion of my senior year of high school, when my family and I then returned back to the United States for my 13 siblings and myself to be able to continue our higher education.
Saudi Arabia is a very wealthy country, well known for its abundant oil rich reserves. There, I had never seen a homeless person, and if I did hear about someone being forced out their home, it was most often a situation that could be resolved by a settlement between the owner of the home and its buyer or tenant, but it was never on a great scale such as the United State’s economy crash in 2008.
The Saudi government has spent billions of its finances to help the poor, and it continues to dramatically reduce poverty through economic development. The royal family is also famous for extensive charitable giving. The government of Saudi Arabia has also made it exceptionally easy for their people to find jobs in that:
Investors will acknowledge that they are committed to recruit, employ, train and keep Saudi nationals as an integral part of their workforce and staff.
Saudi employees are also to achieve a target Saudization percentage of 15% in the first year of operation, and to increase that percentage by 5% annually.
At the end of each fiscal quarter, investors in…

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