The Day Of The United States Essay

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Colossal winds rushed against the house, causing the walls and floors to creak. Water rushed and hammered on the windows, resounding the fact that it was monsoon season in the Philippines. However, I was worried about college starting and whether I would like it or not because it was something so new that I wasn’t accustomed to. I was more worried about college than the roaring of the storm outside my window. “Take this,” my grandmother whispered, interrupting my thoughts. She passed me a handheld candle. “Thank you,” I whispered back, taking the candle and holding it up to the foggy window. It was difficult to comprehend how a week ago I was in the United States in the middle of a beautiful, sunny summer with my friends. Now, I was in the muggy Philippines with my family, stuck in the midst of Typhoon Glenda without power. I recall telling my mom that I wanted to stay in the United States because I wanted to spend time with friends before leaving for college. However, she told me it was different because we were going back to where our family originated.
The typhoon carried on for two more days. Flashlights and candles were under heavy use, and the water in my aunt’s three-story house was ice cold to the fingertips. When I wandered outside the residence a day after the typhoon ended, the electricity poles were knocked down. I thought back to what my mom told me. This is it? This is where I came from? Wires, leaves, and branches were scattered along the road. There were…

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