The Day Of The Darkness Essay

1333 Words Jun 29th, 2015 null Page
Moving in the darkness came quickly to me. The thing was kind enough to correct a potentially terrible first move by telling me it was located much too near the edge of the board. After what seemed like hours, I finally moved only to find it gently correcting me again. “You 're forcing it. Just imagine the board in your mind and it will be there. Close your eyes if you have to.” With a nod, I closed my eyes. And there it was: the board and everything laid out before me. Even the creature was there, but I had given it a shape and a form I could understand: that of my mother. With a smile, I played my first real move. “A good first move. Pretty traditional. The 4 x 4. You do know what you 're doing.” Mother smiled at me and in my mind I let her touch my hand. Thank God the thing didn 't do the same or I probably would have croaked on the spot. The creature made a move. This part was a lot harder to visualize, but somehow, I saw my mother moving and placing her black spot in the opposite corner. The exact mirror image of my move. “How will you reply?” I sighed. There are multiple things I could do here. I could attack her corner directly and try to surround her. Or, I could play it safe and expand towards the opposite corner. I had no idea where it had really moved, but figured there was no harm in playing it safe. To the neutral corner I fled. “Cautious. I understand. But you know I am good at this game. And I won 't be so cautious.” Mother winked and drank from her…

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