The Day Of Swim Practice Essay

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Family or sports-it seems like a simple decision, right? Not for me. My family has been getting together to have Thanksgiving since before I was born. I love seeing my grandparents, hanging out with my cousins, and most of all, the sweet, juicy, tender turkey that my grandmother cooks for us every year. On the other hand, I had set some high goals for me in swimming such as making the state swim meet. Missing even one day of swim practice can have a detrimental effect on you. With that being said, whatever option I chose I would not be completely happy with.
It was early November when I found out that I would have practice over Thanksgiving weekend. At first we thought that we would still be able to go to my grandma 's house, but the schedule changed and another practice was added. We soon realized that I couldn 't do both. I was devastated. I loved swimming, but I also loved seeing my family. The days passed and I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do.
I always like the time I spend with my family. I get along with my cousins well and we look forward to seeing each other. We always play games together such as spying on the adults, playing the game of Life, and wrestling each other until the adults tell us to calm down. We always have loads of fun together. Another great thing about Thanksgiving is the food. My Grandma makes the best turkey, potatoes, and ham. She also makes a superb pumpkin pie for dessert and every morning you wake up to the mouth watering smell…

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