The Day Of My Life Essay

1016 Words Sep 8th, 2015 null Page
The day my life was turned upside down seemed like just a normal day. I had woken up early because my six month old sister, Addisyn, was once again crying to be fed. I had also once again fallen asleep in my parents bed. I got her up like I normally would do, made her a bottle, and sat down on the couch. I was curious as to where my parents were until I heard a very close gun shot and my step mom outside screaming “CALL 911, CALL 911!” In those short moments I had no idea that I would never see my father again.

My dad seemed like a nothing less than Superman to me. He went fishing, hunting, and watched as much football as he possibly could. My dad and I had always been extremely close. From the time I was born until he passed away I was Daddy’s number one girl. I lived with my mom for a couple of years whenever my parents split up seven years ago. A lot of stuff happened with my mom, so I finally got to go live with my dad. This also meant leaving all my friends and moving two hours away. I was thrilled to live with my dad and my baby sisters. After I moved in with my dad and started a new school, things really did start to seem perfect. It was not until the morning of June 29th, 2013 that I realized nothing had ever been perfect.

My parents had been fighting the night before, which was no big deal really. My stepmom’s mom had been staying with us, and my dad was ready for her to leave. Whenever I woke up in the morning I had asked where my parents were, and my grandma…

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