The Day Of A New School Year Essay

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August tenth of 2013, is the last day I remember. For the next hundred or so days after the aforementioned one, I don’t have a clue as to how they happened. The hardest part was, perhaps, my crumbling again, anxiety like I’d never had before. But not on August tenth. The first day of a new team and the last day of supposed sanity, I distinctly remember being afraid to be left alone with the then strangers. That had become the norm for me.
Eighth grade. At this time I was moving forward, slowly befriending my nameless best friend, leaving all of the others behind. After all, everything else was changing. In seventh grade, I was medicated, Focalin as the drug of choice. The many side effects I’d experienced made them switch me over to Vyvanse, the great suppressant. My grades skyrocketed back to the A 's they 'd been in elementary school. That was May of 2013. This was August.
The new school year had brought hope as it coincided with the supposed end of an era of a great depression. My meds were no longer controlling me as they had before and it was almost immediately apparent in all aspects of my work. I’d like to say that i 'm not stupid, but this should have ended there. Not only was I failing to turn in work that’d been done that class but I was suffering at practice, too. I found that I couldn’t sleep, or really think without the buzzing of so many other thoughts intercepting my main focus. What had been only a minor pain had intensified to an auditory annoyance now…

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