The Curriculum Trends Paper

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The Curriculum Trends Paper
Everything in life changes, change is inevitable. Change affects the way people live, the way they communicate with each other, and many other areas of the human life is affected by change. The educational process is not the exception to this rule. Because of this constant change, the curriculum has to change as well and will continue doing so. The purpose of this paper is to analyze how the curriculum will change in the future and what type of impacts will this change have on teachers and students in the classroom.
Change in the Curriculum
The focus of education in the past was to acquire knowledge, based on subject areas. For example, children were asked to memorize all kinds of data, with the
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Students have to learn how to apply the knowledge they acquire in school, to the reality of life and work. The area of technology will also influence the content of the curriculum in the future. The goal of the school will be to provide students with the opportunity to become proficient in the use of technology. According to The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority Booklet (2005, p. 12 ¶ 1), “a curriculum rich in Information and Communication Technology will help prepare learners to participate fully in a constantly changing world.”
The development and design of the improved curriculum will be in charge of the teachers and administrators. However, the companies and organizations will have significant influence in the development of it. Their input must be consider, because they are the people who know what the workplace needs from the students.
The role of the teacher will continue to be very important in the development of the new curriculum. According to Carroll (1994, ¶ 15), the role of the teachers is to be, “knowledgeable managers of students, ideas, and learning experiences that help develop compassionate links between all elements.” Instead of merely impart knowledge, their role will be to be facilitators of knowledge; partners in education, by making good use of technology as a tool in the process.
These changes

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