The Candidate Essay

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Kenisha D. Earls
Politics in the Movies
July 13, 2010

In the movie “The Candidate” I thought that the film was very interesting to me, being a person that has never been interested in politics. I found it interesting even though I am not for sure if this is the way that campaigns are run now. I thought it was nice to see how some candidates may be chosen, especially in this film because he was not expected to win the election. He was not even interested in politics although his father was once governor. The film showed how the campaign was ran and managed by his advisors. Although not expected to win the election, he somehow
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It was just very interesting how McKay started out one way but by the end of the movie his message had changed. It is as if it doesn’t really matter who runs for office or what that person believes in because all of that can change according to what a candidate and his team feels is best to say in order to get votes. McKay had no interest in politics but was basically recruited for his father’s name, whom he in the beginning of the campaign race did not want involved, because he wanted to make it on his own. But by the end of the movie, that had changed as well. McKay realized that people thought that his father had been absent from his campaign because he was a supporter of Jarmon, rather than the fact that McKay just didn’t want him involved in the campaign. He paid a visit to his father stating his concerns and as a result his father gave a statement and showed more support for his son. I am sure that helped to boost McKay’s popularity among the voters because after all, how would it look and what kind of message would it send if your own father, a former governor wasn’t supporting his son?

It is just amazing to me to see how far and to see the things that politicians are willing to do in order to

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