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The Bucket List
Felicia Holland
September 1, 2012
Marcy Stern, PhD.

The Bucket List
The Bucket List is a film about two middle age men who have nothing in common other than that they are both diagnosed with terminal cancer. Edward Cole, a White man, is a billionaire who owns many hospitals. He is a self-made man with a bitter outlook on life. Edward has married and divorced four times, and has no relationship his only child. Carter Chambers, a Black man, is a blue-collar mechanic who once aspired to becoming a history professor until he gave up his dreams to support his growing family. Carter and his wife have been married for 45 years, they have three children. The two men eventually bond as they endure the rigors of
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Death and Dying As the film reaches its end the two friends fly home from their travels because Carter feels the need to be with his family. Their flight back to America is symbolic of acceptance in the face of death. In the final stages of a terminal illness men express that being able to spend time with friends and family is most important, followed by not leaving any unfinished business to burden the family (Vig & Pearlman, 2003). Shortly, after Edward and Carter arrive back in the United States it is revealed that Carter’s cancer has traveled to his brain and he dies during surgery. Before he falls ill for the last time Carter is seen spending time with his family and experiencing a renewed relationship with his wife. After Carter’s death Edward mends his relationship with his daughter and fulfills the last goal on the bucket list. The entire last sequence of the film comprises the elements necessary for the characters to experience a good death (Vig & Pearlman, 2003).
The movie The Bucket List is a dramatization of the experiences two men have after receiving a diagnosis of terminal cancer. The main characters bond and form an unusual friendship, and support network for each other. The experiences of the men in the film are correlated by research in the study of terminal illness and its physical, cognitive, and psychosocial effects on men.


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