Essay The 3 Quality Guru's Deming, Juran, Crosby

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Introduction Page 3

Deming Page 3

Deming’s 14 points for Quality Management Page 4

Duran Page 5

Crosby Page 6-7

Common Points Page 7

Differences Page 8-9

A comparison of Deming, Juran, and Crosby Page 10

Nestle and Quality Page 11-12

Conclusion Page 13


Many organizations worldwide are focusing today on quality to restore their competitive edge. They know now that an emphasis on quality improves overall productivity and reduces costs.
This was not always the case,
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In Juran’s analysis, too much emphasis in the quality disciplines has been placed on the quality tactics at the expense of the quality strategy. Like Deming, Juran proposes a pattern shift to reconcile this inconsistency.


Crosby takes a more narrow minded view to quality management which is conformance to requirements. His theory is, if requirements are clearly communicated to all levels of the organization, then an attitude of "no reason for not doing it right" can be built throughout the company. Like the other Guru’s, Crosby does focus on prevention to achieve quality, however he does not consider statistical analysis as being a guideline for these quality processes. He favored strategic planning. Crosby also points out that quality is free, but that it is not a gift.

The main concepts that Crosby used in his approach to quality are as follows-

• Do it right the first time - the way to manage quality is by prevention, not detection and testing or 100% inspection. • Zero Defects – means that every employee in the organization is committed to meet the requirement the first time and every time and that not achieving zero defects is not acceptable. • Crosby developed a fourteen-step program for quality improvement: o Management

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