The 21 Indispensable Qualities Of A Leader Essay

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The 21 indispensable Qualities of a Leader‏

The following is a detailed summary if the most indispensable qualities that any leader

should have. As per John C. Maxwell in The 21 indispensable Qualities of a Leader‏. A leader is

an exceptional individual who bears inspiring visions for the future. The leader has the capability

of inspiring people to engage in what they see in their visions. A good Leader is a whole holistic

spectrum of wisdom and high levels of wisdom and values. The question still remains what are

the basic qualities one should have to be an exceptional leader?

Many have spoken of character and its great impact on any individual. By deeply

assessing a person one could define character as how a person deals with any life circumstances.

Crisis is told to build character but in actual sense what it does is reveal character in its true self.

It is then than a good leader is seen when they chose character over compromise. Then they

become stronger individuals regardless of the consequences that come with it. A leader with a

strong character matches his words and his actions. They search for the flaws in their character

and fix them. It is then that they create a plan to avoid making the mistakes as before (Maxwell,

A leader should definitely have charisma. Many find it difficult to define and understand

what charisma really entails. A charismatic leader has the ability to draw people to himself.

Appreciation of people’s capability…

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