Essay on Texas and the Death Penalty

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Putting people to death for breaking the law is a punishment that has been in existence for thousands of years of human history and has been enforced in all corners of the
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There are several pros made by pro-death penalty and cons made by those against it that repeatedly come up in debate: Some main pros are that the death penalty can give closure to the victims family, it can prevent the offender from getting a chance of parole if sentenced to life in prison which can provide a chance for release and further crimes being committed. There is also the point that in America’s justice system there is a principle that the penalty should fit the crime. If someone commits capital murder and is convicted then the belief by supporters is that the punishment of death by the state is justifiable. One of the most popular beliefs among supporters is the concept of retribution. “Retribution is the idea that an individual who commits a crime deserves to be punished for upsetting the moral order; responsibility for restoring balance is upon the offender. To determine how to correct the wrong, retribution looks only at the crime” (Sorenson & Pilgrim, P.77). This is part of the “they deserve it” and “eye for an eye” ideology. Some of the cons of the death penalty are believed to be the cost paid by taxpayers to fund capital punishment which can cost several times as much as imprisoning someone for life, it’s considered immoral and that it violates the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution in the “cruel and unusual punishment” clause, and there is a possibility that innocent people can be wrongly convicted and executed.

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