Essay on Texas, Abortion, And The State Of Texas

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One major ongoing current event in Texas is that of abortion legislation. According to coverage by New York Times author Adam Liptak, writer of the article Texas Abortion Providers Ask Supreme Court to Reverse Ruling on Clinics, abortion clinics in Texas are once again fighting to continue to be able to open their doors to women in need of abortion, birth control, and other services offered by the clinics. This article strongly relates to both Chapter 3, Texas in the Federal System, and Chapter 1, The Political Culture, People, and Economy of Texas. Chapter 3 centers on Federalism, which is essentially separating the powers of the states and the national government. The state of Texas recently made strict rules that abortion clinics would have to follow, causing the vast majority of abortion clinics around the state to shut their doors. The clinics are now trying to appeal to higher courts to make these restrictions less harsh. Even though the Texas government has already ruled on the issue, the Supreme Court could easily override the ruling because they are a higher power than state governments. However, such a ruling could potentially anger certain people and call into question whether the national government has violated the state’s right to make a ruling on the state’s health affairs. This article relates to Chapter 1 because Chapter 1 included information about demographics, and abortion legislation primarily affects the women in Texas. It also discussed political…

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