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What Does this Mean?
ISO 9000:2005 defines a quality policy as the overall intentions and direction of an organization related to quality as formally expressed by top management. It also suggests that the policy be consistent with the overall policy of the organization and provides a framework for setting quality objectives. Furthermore, ISO 9000:2005 advises that the eight quality management principles be used as a basis for forming the quality policy. The quality policy can therefore be considered as the values, beliefs and rules that guide actions, decisions and behaviours.
Why is this Necessary?
Defining the purpose or mission of the business is one thing but without some guiding principles, the
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The definition of quality in ISO 9000 goes beyond relations with the purchaser and embraces all stakeholders. The eight quality management principles also go far beyond the mechanical processes for achieving product quality and embrace the softer factors that influence the behaviour of people in an organization. Clearly, a quality policy that addresses all these issues comes close to reflecting all the policies of the organization and hence can be termed the corporate policy. While organizations may have a safety policy, an environmental policy, a personnel policy, a servicing policy etc. these are really topics within the corporate policy. Quality is not just another topic but a term that embraces all the topics. It is hard to think of any policy that could not be classed as a quality policy when quality is defined as the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements. This definition does not limit quality to the fulfilment of customer requirements, but extends it to the fulfilment of all stakeholders’ requirements.

What Does this Mean?
The purpose of an organization is quite simply the reason for its existence and this is referred to as the mission. It is what the organization has been formed to do. As Peter Drucker so eloquently puts it – ‘‘there is only one valid definition of business purpose and that is: to create a

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