Telstra Marketing Strategy Essay

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Telstra is Australia’s largest and most efficient telecommunications company, which provides one of the best-known brands in the country. They offer a full range of services and compete in all areas of telecommunications both domestically and internationally. Telstra’s vision is to enhance its position as the leading full service telecommunications and information Service Company in Australia as well as to expand its presence internationally. (Telstra Website, 2008)
Telstra, originally Telecom Australia was established in 1901 by the Postmaster Generals Department to manage all domestic phone services. Telecom Australia continued to be operated by the Postmaster Generals Department until 1975. In 1989, Telecom
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The three key segments are Government, Industry (the largest corporate customers) and Business (medium and smaller business customers). Telstra focus on delivering account management and communications solutions to all these customers with the aim of improving their customers financial performance and business efficiency.
 Regional, Rural, and Remote Customers
In order to improve service levels, business performance, and to strengthen relations with customers and communities in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia, therefore Telstra Country Wide was established. Area General Managers are located throughout Australia to address the sales, marketing, and service needs of Telstra customers.
 Wholesale Customers
Wholesale Customer typically buy products and services from Telstra Wholesale, add their own inputs and then sell to the retail market, under their own brand.
 Advertising Customers
Telstra provides innovative advertising and local search solution to customers nationally, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large corporate and Government through a network of print, online, voice, wireless, and in-car services with Sensis Pty Ltd.
 Global Business Solutions
Telstra have 16 offices around the world including Asia Pacific, Europe, and USA supporting the global telecommunications requirements of multi-national customers and global service providers. Working together with their partners and alliances, Telstra offer their customer

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