Taylormade Marketing Plan Essay

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TaylorMade Marketing Plan
MKG310: Introduction to Marketing
June 20, 2013

TaylorMade Marketing Plan
Executive Summary and Company Overview:
TaylorMade Golf is a subsidiary company of TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company. TaylorMade was founded by Gary Adams in 1979 as a small start-up company (TaylorMade, 2013). Adams had created a single new innovative design, the metalwood. This new metalwood sounded differently and most importantly performed differently. The new design shifted more of the weight to the perimeter, which provided more forgiveness on mishits. The center of gravity was also lowered, which made it easier to launch the ball in the air. Adams, being the son of a professional golfer, wanted his golf clubs to stay true to
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TaylorMade makes the best performing products, because of its commitment to innovation and technology. This segment accomplishes its leadership position by introducing at least two major product innovations every 12 to 18 months (adidas Group, 2013). TaylorMade Performance Labs has separated TaylorMade from its competitors, through the use of customizing clubs for golfers. TaylorMade’s R1 driver is the #1 used driver on the PGA Tour and its new Rocketballz Stage 2 driver is quickly catching up (Wall, 2013). The wide use of professionals using TaylorMade drivers has helped to ensure brand awareness for recreational and avid golfers.

TaylorMade has been committed to be the innovative and design oriented company in the industry since its inception. In 2005 TaylorMade introduced the R5 driver, which was the first golf club to have moveable weights for a more customizable club (Leithander, 2012). Later came one of the most popular drivers in history, the R7. The R7 gained a lot of notoriety when many PGA professionals adopted it as their driver of choice. The cutting edge design of placing four weights in the club head provided for the ultimate customizable driver. The R7 released in a variety of options and price points that provided tremendous profit for the company. SuperFast Technology and Flight Control Technology are the newest innovations TaylorMade has introduced, leading the way once again in

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