Tale of Two Airlines Essay

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The Tale of Two Airlines- Case Analysis

The Tale of Two Airlines is a case which analyses Professor Roger McPherson’s traveling experience with two different Airline carriers and how each company’s handling of the situation lead to two extremely different outcomes. The first was a connecting flight leaving from Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta to London, where Mr. McPherson was meeting an executive for a mayor power company. This flight tuned out to be a total customer service disaster and a major disappointment for Prof. McPherson, as he missed his connecting flight and therefore his meeting in London. The second flight took place a decade prior, a flight from Milan to London to connect to a flight to New York. This flight provided Prof.
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The determining factor being that in the case of the London based airline, Prof. McPherson had a discussion of the problem with the first-class flight attendant which resulted in a phone call from the pilot to London (the airline’s hub city) and “a car to whisk him and another passenger to the New York flight”. Hadn’t Prof: McPherson not spoken to the flight attendant about the issue and considering the time when this took place, plus the lack of on-time information available, Prof. McPherson would’ve more than likely missed his New York flight.
As far as the role played by the London airline, there is not much that can be said. It just happened that the airline came around information provided by the customer, in this case, Prf. McPherson. If I were to give them any advice, it would be that in the future, they should make sure to know all related flight information not just for first class passengers but for all. The same advice I would give to the Atlanta based airline. Knowing this information, the airline can use a few approaches which would definitely improve the travelers experience and significantly reduce the such as allow those connecting customers to exit the plane first, contact the connecting flight and if within a reasonable time frame, ask them to wait for those customers and last, provide transportation such as a cart or a bus to bring those connecting passengers to their

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