Taken Review Essay

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Movie Review #2

A Paper
Presented to
Dr. Scott Hawkins
Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary


In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course
PACO 604 Crisis Counseling


Michael Bruce Plont
November 18, 2009

Nature of the Crisis

The movie that I chose to review is entitled “Taken”, which stars actor Liam Neeson as he plays the part of Bryan Mills. The “crisis” of the movie is that Mills’ daughter is abducted, drugged, and sold into sexual slavery. Mills, who is a former government operative, begins the longest 96 hours of his life, as he hunts for the gruesome organization that has taken his daughter Kim. Mills
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Teachable Coping Skills

I would recommend extensive professional counseling for Mills as the beginning of teaching coping skills. Although Mills had experienced these types of situations before, they had not involved his family. Being a former police officer, I realize that every man needs some form of debriefing after every stressful encounter. Mills might need intense intervention to deal with the stressors he faced prior to quitting his previous occupation. Mills would also need to come to terms with his previous fears of losing his daughter, killing fellow men, and watching his daughter being sold into slavery. If Mills were to receive therapy with his daughter Kim, this might add to his hope of restoring his relationship with her. Mills was shot and physically beaten during the movie, and I would recommend he complete physical therapy and then continue on with extensive weekly workouts to relieve stress, and keep his body fit for the future. I would also recommend that Mills attempt to make a peaceful relationship with his ex-wife, for the betterment of all, as it was severely strained early on in the movie.

Developing Resiliency
Resiliency was shown by Mills throughout the movie, but I still believe there were ways it could be built upon. I would commend Mills on his calmness throughout the ordeal and help him be aware that he acted as a hero to his

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