T.J. Rodgers Sister Gormley Case Study 5-1 Essay

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Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
DATE: TO: COPY: FROM: SUBJECT: Background March 27, 2013 T. J. Rodgers, President, and CEO For eyes only Vibha Kant, Vice President – Investor Relations REVIEW OF RESPONSE LETTER TO SISTER DORIS

On April 23, 1996, Cypress received a letter from the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia. The latter is a religious congregation of approximately 1,000 women and was, at the time the letter was written, the beneficial owner of a number of Cypress shares. The letter was a form letter, and it carried the stamped signature of Doris Gormley, OSF. In the letter, Sister Doris, speaking for the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia as a Cypress shareholder, expressed the view that a company "is best
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2. Rewording the letter to avoid provoking defensiveness. "Thank you for your letter criticizing the lack of racial and gender diversity of Cypress's Board of Directors." A simple substitution would be “Thank you for your letter.” The matter-of-fact tone prevents the recipient to get agitated immediately. 3. Cutting down the part of letters that are unnecessary. In the letter there are many statements such as "a final point with which you will undoubtedly disagree” or “what worries me” etc. A whole section of letter talks about political situations. If recipient is sure to disagree on something or if writer has personal reservations about other matters, there is no reason to mentions those points in the letter. 4. Avoiding personal attacks. Statements like “You ought to get down from your moral high horse.” Or “your views seem more accurately described as "politically correct," than "Christian." Launches personal attacks on reader. The response should be focused on trying to make the other side understand your point while addressing his or her concerns, not as a forum to launch personal attacks on very philosophy of certain individuals or groups 5. Persuading and not try to “get” the other side. Anger that is expressed appropriately has its place. But this response letter makes writer come across someone who is venting about all the issues

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