Supervisor Skills Essay

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Six Skills to Successful Supervision
Supervisors are an important part of any organization. They are charged with ensuring the will of management is carried out by the workers. A supervisor must communicate with that team. He or she must orient and train the employees. Their employees must be made to work as a well functioning, productive team. Employees must have the performance evaluated. Any conflicts that arise must be resolves and the working relationship must always be improved.
Well performing teams can not be built without good communication. A good supervisor must possess the ability to relay clearly their own thoughts, listen to the ideas of others and ensure the will of management is executed. Excellent
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Improving Productivity for Teams
“Many hands make light work,” this adage is especially true in the highly competitive global marketplace. Expecting one individual to have all the solutions simply is not practical. By working in teams we can increase our knowledge base and experience to something far more than one person can possess. In order to understand how to make a teamwork best we should discuss how teams fail. There many traps that a group can fall into but we are only going to look at a few.
Most people have an innate desire to stick out too much; a desire to fit in with the group. This normal social response can be very destructive to a group. The entire point of a team is having people working together towards a goal. Attaining the objective will be difficult if those selected for a team have anxiety about straying from the group’s perceived will. This phenomenon is called group think.
The other extreme of group think occurs when a team lacks cohesion. This occurs when a team member’s are moving indifferent directions, arguing unproductively or simply not participating. A lack of cohesion may be caused by the team’s objective note being well defined. For the team to work well everyone must agree on the expected results. Not having strong leadership can also cause a team to fall apart. One person must be selected to act as a facilitator. Their job is to make sure the team stays on a fruitful

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