Essay on Summary

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2291 Review Lecture PPT Lecture 1 * Ethics: Rules or system governing conduct/Shared community values/principles * Morality: our personal compass of values/principles * Professional ethics: shared and mutually enforced professional norms * Business Ethics: application of values within a business context/the authenticity and integrity of the enterprise * Law is not ethics: law is a baseline of societal expectation, a floor limiting action, and often address past events; has a hard time anticipating future misconduct * Our legacy-touchstones: Secular legacy (family, Gandhi), Religious legacy, work legacy * Our core principles and values often begin with our role models, our family, culture, our roots, …show more content…
Lecture 4 * The 3 P’s of Best Leaders: Passion, Performance, Principle Passion: Have a personal passion for what they do. Performance: enjoy winning and hate losing Principle: want to do in the right way * Principle of leadership: Create a Vision and involve others Reinforce Values and hold people accountable Treat people with dignity and build their confidence Achieve results against a broader definition value creation Lecture 5 * Payne’s-Basic Ethic Framework and Four Q’s: * Is the action consistent with the actor’s basic duties? * Does it respect the rights and other legitimate claims of the affected parties? * Does it reflect best practice? * Is it compatible with the actor’s own deeply held commitments (“ Core values”)? * Duty and Right Duty: Requirement to act or not to act toward others Basic moral duties in law or codes

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