Essay Summary Of ' Tale Of Two Leaders '

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Tale of Two Leaders
The striking differences between a Catholic priest and a Christian pastor are nearly too numerous to count. Not only in the services they conduct, but their orientation into their field and the way they are taught to interact. The reality of the situation is the contrasts exist only to highlight to comparisons. Between Ronald Cobb, the Christion pastor in Horton Kansas, and Benjamin Tremmel, the Catholic priest of the Good Intent Parish, there exist some of the most uncommon similarities one might find between such different holy men. Amongst the obvious differences between a pastor and a priest, there are unique comparisons to be drawn from Father Benjamin Tremmel and Pastor Ronald Cobb, including their love for the community, their passion for the communion, and their balanced approach to preaching. To begin with, an examination of the importance communion plays in the opinions of Father Ben and Pastor Cobb would reveal they share a very similar view on the role of communion in the church. Unequivocally, communion is of the utmost importance in a Sunday service, but not all leaders of the Church believe. There even exist certain denominations that do not partake in communion every Sunday. Although a Catholic mass always includes the sacrament, a Christian service does not. Nevertheless, Ron Cobb insists his flock share in taking the bread and wine every service regardless. There is a reason for this, as Pastor Cobb understands that…

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