Summary Of ' A Strange Day ' Essay

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A Strange Day In July

He threw with all his might, but the third stone came skipping back. His little sister “Maggie” had chills run through her back. The day was still young. It was summertime. Everyone was always happy. All of the birds had left as if they knew something was coming. But what? He could feel his hands trembling as he picked up the stone. He had calluses from working day and night. Once more he threw the stone and this time it came skipping back. The pond started to shake. The trees were moving forward and back, forward and back. Almost like a pattern. His sister started to hyperventilate. They both stepped back and examined as the world around them started to fall apart. The boy found the stone and put it in his pocket. They ran into the city, but everybody was screaming in terror. A woman dressed in black was the only one not acting like a maniac. She looked at the two siblings and had said “ Fear now, because the world is coming to an end!” She laughed wickedly and disappeared into the destruction. The two were now running for their lives and had come across their friends. One of them was already dead. They were paralyzed with fear. Ashley, was the name of the dead body. The brother of the two siblings was supposed to marry her. They had to hurry home. As they reached the farm they could see the poor dead animals covered in debris. Their house had collapsed. The sister had started to cry. Her brother left her in the field and looked all around for his…

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