Strategic Planning and Personal Development Essay

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In the given assignment of personal development as a strategic manager and a leader I am going to explain about the different strategic directions of an organisation. The given assignment also highlights different ways and procedures to evaluate the strategic skills that are required in order to achieve the required and targeted ambition or the goal of the organisation. Furthermore it also explains and asses the relationship between existing required skills and also explains the required future skills that are required by the organisation. In this assignment I am going to discuss the opportunities that support leadership development also constructing the development plan and implement all these things in the organisation.
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The most powerful point in my personality is strong command over communication; I have very good communication skills. Good communicational skill is like a key skill in order to get a good position in any public relation organisation because UK is a multi lingual and a multicultural country, people belonging to different areas and culture are my customer and some of them cannot speak English properly, but I can understand by observing their body language and facial expressions, I know two more languages that help me in my customers dealings. I am also dealing with customer services and sometimes they are facing a lot of different problems such as they are not properly served, they want to exchange the things but they do not know the procedure. I can help them by treating nicely, by telling them all the new deals and listen to them carefully. The second most striking point in my personality is good relationship skills because it is very helpful to inspire others such as employees, customers and myself. Sometimes I have to face some problems like handling with invoices, shortage of employee, late delivery but I got the ability to handle all such situation. The second skill that I can handle very well is good customer services skills and customer focuses skills, this skills occupies a

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