Strategic Plan Risk Management - Fema Essay

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Strategic Plan Risk Management

Strategic Plan Risk Management
FEMA’s Strategic Plan FY2011 - FY2014 states their mission is, “to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.” (FEMA Strategic Plan, February 2011 p.1) FEMA’s strategic goals are the following: (FEMA Strategic Plan, February 2011 p. 7)
1) Foster a Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management Nationally
2) Build the Nation’s Capacity To Stabilize and Recover From a Catastrophic Event
3) Build Unity of Effort and Common Strategic Understanding among the Emergency Management Team
4) Enhance FEMA’s Ability to Learn and Innovate as an
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These actions and objectives must be measurable, achievable, and realistic. Communication to staff of these ‘controllable’ objectives and the teams and/or individuals responsible for execution, needs to be implemented. One example of a controllable objective is ‘creating a body of knowledge …nationally…that supports whole community approach to emergency management’, supporting the goal of ‘Fostering a Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management’. The strategic plan states “FEMA will lead the development of guidelines, tools, training, and educational programs to enable effective engagement and integration of the entire community into local emergency management activities to strengthen resilience and improve outcomes.” (FEMA Strategic Plan, February 2011 p. 10) An example of a measurable action would be to establish an educational program for emergency management in year 1 and attendance by representatives of all states within year 2.
Once progress and/or success of these controllable objectives are attained, communication based on these successes, can be utilized to gain support of outside agencies. Agencies, not under FEMA’s control, pose another risk to the success of FEMA’s plan. External resources i.e., governmental agencies, global agencies, which have similar goals and objectives as FEMA’s, can support FEMA’s strategic plan based on measurable and

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