Essay about Steve Jobs : An American Inventor And Ceo Of Apple

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Steve Jobs was an American inventor and CEO and co-founder of Apple, one of the world’s most profitable multinational technology companies. He dropped out of college after attending for six months and was so poor that he slept in his friends’ dorm rooms, walked seven miles for free meals, and returned soda cans for food money. When he started his company people told him he would never make it, never achieve success. But, he proved them wrong when he went on to create a multibillion dollar company with his friend Steve Wozniak that started in his parents’ garage. Steve Jobs is inspiring because he never gave up throughout his life. This is shown by his commitment to his company, specific ideas, and his family. Steve Jobs’ commitment to his company, Apple, is shown at the company’s start-up in 1975 when he sold his precious Volkswagen Microbus to generate the capital money he needed to start his business. After inventing the Apple II two years later, the company gained tremendous success-in money and fame. But slowly after that, the company’s appeal wore off because of increasing competition and decreasing sales which caused conflict between Steve Jobs and the CEO of Apple. In the ensuing power struggle between Steve Jobs and the CEO of the company, he was removed from the board of directors. Wealthy from his success, he could have chosen to retire in peace, but instead founded the NeXT Computer Company and bought Pixar Animation Studios. He invested in the companies until he…

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