Essay about Stealing in the Workplace

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Blu Silberhorn
Issue Paper
Case Studies in Ethics and Law
November, 08 2009

Is stealing becoming more acceptable in the workplace? Generally, when people think of stealing or theft they are referring to the act of physically taking property from someone else. In reality there are many different ways that an employee can steal from an organization, and I have seen three different ways in my short career. The basic definition of theft is the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods or property of another, and this is one way in which people can take away from an organization. The most common way for people to steal from an organization is theft of time, and this includes; taking extra time on breaks and
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I do think that physically stealing is wrong, but the amount of punishment depends on the circumstance. In my case it was the employee’s first incident and there was very little product involved. He deserved a chance to prove to me that he is a good employee that made a mistake. I believe some people would have handled this situation differently, but I wanted to sustain a good working relationship with the person into the future. Knowing that my decision wouldn’t compromise my job also played a role in my decision. Had I thought my job would be in jeopardy I probably would have told upper management about the incident. Although we may have been reprimanded, I knew that we would not have lost our jobs, and it was easier for us to handle the situation. The fact that the employee didn’t actually get the product outside was important in my decision as well. The employee was planning on stealing the product but I caught him before he committed the act. Should this make a difference in my decision? I think so because if the employee drinks the alcohol while driving and kills someone in an accident, the company could be held responsible. Since he never actually “stole” the product the potential accident was avoided. The policies in place at many retail store leave them vulnerable to theft. Generally, stores in this situation will label stolen items as shrinkage, which is the loss of an

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