Essay about Starbucks Corp

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Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility
Individual Project 1
BY: Amber Light
Colorado Technical University
FOR: Professor Sally Rogers
DATE: January 16, 2012

Starbucks has clearly discovered the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The way Starbucks runs its operations ultimately effects the communities it serves, and they are not willing to compromise their stand on the positive impact they want to have. This is very visible through their website, where they list what they do on an everyday basis to not only give back to society but also ensure they are doing business on a responsible level. The website separates four separate commitments Starbucks stands for:
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Starbucks is no different. Starbucks management doesn’t look at their employees as just workers but partners in creating the experience they want people to feel during a Starbucks visit. They know without the help of these partners, their success would be minimized. They work every day to make it well known that they appreciate their hard work and really take their thoughts and suggestions whole-heartedly. An interview a few years ago showed this when Howard Schwartz met with a group of different partners throughout the company (management, shift supervisors, and entry level baristas) to talk about new marketing ideas that his marketing team came up with. He asked them what their thoughts were on the plan, and genuinely listened to their feedback about what should be added and maybe taken away. If you don’t respect the people that are dealing with your consumers every day, how do you expect them to respect you by creating the experience that you envision? To be successful, Starbucks has made it more than a job. Starbucks has made it a family.
Starbucks is striving to reduce their environmental footprint by choosing to be responsible and using eco-friendly products and pushing reusable coffee cups as much as possible. We all know the longer we want our planet to be around the more we should be emphasizing keeping the planet happy. This means we need to take steps towards making sure we are as environmentally friendly as possible.

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