Spinning Gasing Essay example

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Title: Spinning Gasing Review

Malaysia. Malaysia. Malaysia. Lots of things remind me of Malaysia in Spinning Gasing, besides it being a national film set in Malaysia with Malaysian actors. The extremely obvious Malaysia-Truly-Asia parts were the first scenes of the film, where the audience were shown shots of various people in several parts of Malaysia practicing the local tradition of their races, whether it's of Indian culture, Malay, or Chinese. Then there's the DJ Harry band with members of all Malaysian races. Then there's the Manglish dialogues used by the characters in film. Then we see Yati slipping her shoes off before going inside the house, and when the band members had financial problems, they eat Maggie Mee, which is the
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Hand-held shots were used in scenes of mayhem or sin, such as the sex scene between Chantal and Harry in the studio that was suddenly disrupted by loansharks who forced Harry to pay up his debts. In fact, almost all of the loanshark scenes used hand-held shots, perhaps showing how tipsy their troubled souls are. A parallel shot was used at the time the head loanshark lied to his wife on the telephone about what he did the night before, and a scene of him singing in a dim-lighted karaoke studio with a girl in his arms were shown for some brief seconds, contrasting the words he actually said. Many issues were highly publicized in Spinning Gasing. Whether it's social, racial, religious, even political issues were squeezed into this, probably, two-hour film. With so many problems to face, almost none of these issues were resolved with total conclusion. The fuss of Harry being named after a Singaporean politician when Malaysia and Singapore are famous with their political issues was only brought up in one scene. And the problems Harry faced with the Chinese loansharks were so exaggeratedly shown, but was then finalized in such a simple way that I was left questioning. The point? None, really. Or perhaps there was one but it got buried under the cheesiness of it all. The loanshark/gangster problem looked like an excuse for Harry to get out of town with his band members. And the issue of Harry's

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