Essay about Song of the Hummingbird

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Fountain of Life Imagine living in a civilization that practiced human sacrifice and ritual dances, and then one day that civilization no longer exists because another culture decided to conquer them. These people are known to modern society as the Aztecs. In Graciela Limon's novel, Song of the Hummingbird, she illustrated how a culture like the Aztecs or Mexica, can quickly diminish when there are people such as the Spanish that have very limited understanding about certain subjects. Some people may say that the Aztecs were slaughtered because the Darwinian principle of natural selection even applies to mankind. This concept was perceptible when the Spaniards marched with horses, advanced technology, and armor. But through this novel, …show more content…
The Spaniards could've handled matters differently so characters didn't have to end up like this, and they could've achieved this by doing numerous things. First of all, the Spaniards needed to learn to respect the Mexica people instead of treating them as people classified lower than them. Even though they couldn't comprehend the way of Montezuma's people, they could've just respected it and left the civilization alone. The Spaniards saw the Mexica people as Satan devotees, and from there, they decided it was their divine right to take action. But the Spaniards didn't take any time to learn the Mexica culture at all, and they didn't attempt to learn why the Aztecs had many gods for different occasions. The Spaniards should've taken a three step process to get to know the Mexica people. The first step would be to make peace with the Mexica people when they approached the gates, to at least ensure that nothing would happen to either side. The second step would be to learn the ways of the Mexica people, and how they associate with others during their daily lives. By this, the Spaniards could've understood the daily routines of the people, and maybe learned new things from the Mexica people. The third and most important step would be that the Spaniards needed to talk to the priests, and get an understanding

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