Son of the Revolution Essay

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"Son of the Revolution"

Liang Heng and Judith Shapiro's "Son of the Revolution" is a comprehensive story of Liang Heng's life on growing up during the chaotic times of the Chinese revolution. The purpose of this novel was to depict the horrors and hardships of life during the revolution period in china during Mao Zedong's reign. In the beginning of the book, the author portrays that news and ideologies always stated that the government was working for the good of the people of the country. However, as the book unfolds the author reveals that the government is actually exploiting the people through misuse of people's trust. The book also provides insights into the Chinese life during the period of 1954-1978. This 24 year period saw major
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In brief, during "The Great Leap Forward" movement, the communes ran their own farms and factories, received share of profits and also had small private plot of land whereas before the communes had to rent out a land from a landowner and give the landowner 2/3 of the profit or production. The first two years since the movement was introduced, the Chinese economy grew substantially. However, in 1960, China fell through hard times. First of all, floods and bad harvest severely damaged the level of production, the rivers and lakes had overflowed and the peasants couldn't grow food for the people of the nation to eat. Which lead to one of the greatest famines of history. At the same time, Soviet Unions decision to withdraw its large number of technical experts working in the country also hurt the "Great Leap Forward" movement. Inclusively, in 1962, the government announced that Chiang Kai-Shek was going to attack in the mainland, which drove much of the people out of mainland. Whoever had relatives in the countryside were lucky, which the Liangs' mother did, and if not another solution had to be arranged. Liang Heng's father had to swallow up his pride and bite back on the bitterness, as the wife he had so much degraded and insulted was their only way to survival. This is another example on the influences of relationship where relationship is being formed based on convenience sake. A couple of months later, it was announced that there would after all be no invasion and

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