Social Influence Factors- Cialdini Essay

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Why am I reading this for sports marketing? I thought this class was going to be about marketing and not a review of my psychology class. That question and answer is what I originally thought of when I began reading Influence: Science and Practice by Robert B. Cialdini. In my critique I will delineate the reasons why my first impression of the book changed, my evaluation of the positives and negatives of Cialdini's writing, and how the book personally affected me. My first impression of the book turned out to be drastically wrong. The book turned out to be more about understanding how and why we engage in the relationships we do, and why individuals comply with other's demands. Upon further reading I felt cheated for not knowing …show more content…
In my opinion his jokes often detracted from his argument/analysis of a compliance principle. A good example of this was in chapter 3 at the end of his seek and hide section in response to why companies undersupply popular goods like the road-race set. He used embellished language like "deep sigh," and "strike three, you're out!" Aside from the few minor turnoffs, the book impacted me personally in one specific area. While reading the section on liking, I realized how my father became successful in the medical sales field. Rather than project himself to be affluent, all-knowing, and the best deal maker, my father always presented himself to be on a similar level to that of his clients. Whether it was dealing with a director of nursing or an elderly woman on a house-call, my father knew how to dress, talk, and compliment his clients in the appropriate vernacular. Along similar lines, the liking chapter hit home when it came to my feelings toward my beloved Buffalo Bills. In Cialdini's section from the news and weather to the sports, I realized that I act in a similar manner to prove his line, "So we want our affiliated sports teams to win to prove our own superiority (Cialdini 170)." I also can relate to using the pronouns "we" when the Bills win a game and "they lost" when defeated. Upon completion of this book I took away that many of our actions are preprogrammed and we act without cognitive recognition of situations where

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