Should Abortion Be Treated As A Murder? Essay

1976 Words Jul 7th, 2015 null Page
Regardless of one’s opinion on politics or religion, he or she would not go around killing innocent babies sleeping in their cribs. There would be something seriously wrong with a person who could purposely take innocent lives, and it would be a punishable crime almost anywhere in the world. It would never be a socially accepted act. Abortion is the killing of innocent lives as well. Murder is an immoral and illegal in the United States. Induced abortions should be treated as a murder as well.
In some locations, abortion was once treated as a crime because it was seen as murder of a human life (Abortion: Background and Issues), and it still should be treated that way today. Abortion is the killing of a human life that does not have the ability to fight for itself. As a society we do not allow the humane killing of people suffering incurable diseases. We do not allow people to start killing off elderly people because they need help taking care of themselves. We do not allow murder of people who are physically in pain and suffering. A fetus is just as much of a person as the thousands of grandmothers and grandfathers, sick, and suffering people that we allow to live.
Murder is a serious crime and should be treated as one no matter the location of the victim, including a mother’s womb. A fetus is a living being. A heartbeat can be detected with current technology at five and a half weeks gestational age, and the viability of the fetus can be determined between six and seven…

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