Should Abortion Be Mandatory? Essay

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From the many California laws, one particular abortion law is the cause of much controversy. This controversial California law states that a parent’s approval for an underaged girl to obtain an abortion is not mandatory (National Center for Youth Law). There are many who oppose this law but there are others who support it. Parental notification and approval should be mandatory for a minor to receive an abortion since the parent/guardian is legally responsible for the minor and the underaged girl’s health can be placed in great danger.
According to the U.S. California Secretary of State website, there could be a proposition going to the California polls concerning abortions on minors. This proposition will try and require that the minor’s legal guardian be informed 48 hours before the abortion can take place (U.S. California Secretary of State). Not requiring a legal guardian’s approval when an performing abortion on an underaged girl became legal in California for the first time in 1953 (“California Proposition 85”). Although this law was changed in 1987 to mandate a court or parent’s approval, this change was not actually implemented (“California Proposition 85”). Then, in 1997 the California Supreme Court removed the requirement of parental or court permission completely (“California Proposition 85”).
Since an adolescent needs permission for almost all other things they do, not requiring parental/guardian notification and approval when attempting to receive an abortion is…

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