Should Abortion Be Legalized? Essay

1532 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Should a women get to choose whether she has to keep an unwanted pregnancy or get an abortion? This debate has been getting a lot of heat recently with the recent accusations of Planned Parenthood sell parts of fetuses after they’ve been aborted. You would think that a women’s right would be to make decisions about her own reproductive rights. Currently people are pursing that a fetus has rights before it is able to live on its own, and those rights outweigh the right of the mother. Supporters of fetus’s rights over the mother are called pro-life. Supporters of the mother having the power to make decisions over her own body are called pro-choice. I support the pro-choice argument based on fundamental rights of the mother, ability to reduce or eliminate unsafe abortions, and advantages of stem cell research. First, we must look back on the origin of abortion practices. Abortion by definition is the termination of a pregnancy by removal of the embryo or fetus from the womb before it would be able to survive on its own. The practice of abortion has been dated back to Greek and Roman times. Then the fetus was not considered really living till for males 40 days after conception and 80 days for a female. And it was acceptable to abort a fetus, unless the father wanted the child ("Historical Attitudes to Abortion"). The idea of terminating a pregnancy is not anything new. Let us fast forward to around 1880 in America, at this time abortion was being practiced but illegal in most…

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