Essay about Should Abortion Be Legalized?

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Slaughtering Innocent Unborns
Why should citizens support killing innocent unborn babies? The intense controversial issue of abortion is whether abortion should be legalized or not. Pro-Life groups strongly believe in abortion being illegal, while Pro-Choice groups accept legalizing abortions. Although liberals argue in favor of abortion, there are too many complication in their case to support the legality of abortion. Abortion is an act of violence that kills an innocent life; therefore, it should be illegal. Abortion was a problem women and families faced during the late 1800s. Families and mothers are still facing abortion today. Britain passed the first anti-abortion laws in 1803. The laws on anti-abortion are strict in many states. Individual states then started outlawing abortion (“History of Abortion” 1). Although abortion is illegal in many states, unfortunately mothers that do not want to have or carry the baby will find other ways to abort him/her. The ways the mothers find to abort their babies are very dangerous and sometimes deadly methods. Some women risk killing themselves to end their pregnancy (“History of Abortion” 2). “Worldwide, 20 million unsafe abortions are performed annually. This equals one unsafe abortion for every ten pregnancies and one unsafe abortion for every seven births” (“History of Abortion” 9). Women can catch an infection from having an abortion, and some women might even die from an infection. The women that recover from the infections…

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