Should Abortion Be Legalized? Essay examples

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A woman should have every right to have an abortion while she is pregnant. As the mother of the child, a woman has the right, as a parent, to raise it any way she wants to. Abortion has been a controversial topic since it has been legalized; causing arguments between people that choose to either be pro-life or pro-choice. Some woman feels as if their rights have been threatened by the people that want abortion to be illegal. Abortion has been happening for thousands of years; even back in the days of the romans. Each ancient culture and religion had varying views on abortion. According the Kaplan, “In the fifth century, Saint Augustine argued that the fetus did not have a soul before “quickening,” that point during a pregnancy, usually between the fourth and sixth months, at which the woman first senses movement in her womb”. Aborting a fetus, at that time, wasn’t a sin in the eyes of the Christian church. If Saint Augustine said that having an abortion wasn’t a sin, before the baby had a soul in the fifth century; then why do woman in the twenty-first century have to fight for their right to have an abortion in the first place? Most abortions tend to happen during the first and second trimester. During these two trimesters, the fetus begins to grow organs like the brain, lungs, and heart, develops into either a male or female, and begins to move inside the uterus. A mother can surely become attached to the fetus while it is still developing inside her. However, the mother…

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