Should Abortion Be Legalized? Canada? Essay

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Abortion has been decriminalized in Canada since the year 1969, but in 1988 abortion laws were struck down because they were unconstitutional. (“Abortions rights: Signiant moments in Canadian history”, 2009). It is commonly argued that abortion is an infringement on a woman’s right to life, liberty, and security (“Abortions rights: Signiant moments in Canadian history”, 2009). Canada has taken many cautious steps and decisions to ensure equality and happiness for citizens when it comes to the topic of abortion. Today, Canada has no criminal law against abortion but man individuals and groups such as churches stand against abortion (“Abortions rights: Signiant moments in Canadian history”, 2009). Canada has been on a political rollercoaster with abortion for many years, but abortion laws should stay the same as they are not because freedom of choice is a valued concept for many people. Freedom of choice gives women the opportunity to decide what they want to do with their body and this choice does no personally harm those who are pro-life (Smyth, 2002). There is a wide variety of birth control options available in Canada, but sometimes that isn’t enough to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Legal medical abortions provide women with an effective back up plan to terminate a pregnancy. Ultimately, freedom of choice provides women with a cost effective way to follow to life path they desire without having to worry about committing a criminal act (Rodrigues, Medoza, Guerra-Palacio,…

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