Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

1051 Words Oct 17th, 2015 null Page
Of all political issues today, whether or not abortion should be legal is one of the most long-standing and controversial. To some, abortion is a medical procedure that should lie entirely in the hands of the woman it’s being performed on. To others, it’s a malicious and immoral destruction of innocent life. However, despite the controversy surrounding it, it is undeniably important to supply safe, legal abortions to those who need them.
First and foremost, there 's the obvious issue of bodily autonomy. Forcing another human being to give up control of their body to save the life of another would be in any other situation illegal. Take for instance: If my sister needed a kidney transplant and I was the only person on the planet that was compatible, they wouldn’t be able to take that kidney without my legal consent. Even if she would surely die without it, no one would be able to force me to give up my kidney to save her life. But let’s say we take it one step further: say I’m in a car crash and I die. Unless I were an organ donor, they would not under law be allowed to take that kidney from me and give it to my sister. It doesn’t matter if it’s the only thing in the world that can save her life or that I no longer need it for any reason whatsoever. By this logic, corpses are allotted more control over their bodies than living, pregnant women who are forced to carry a pregnancy to term against their wishes. In addition, it is actually debatable whether or not a zygote,…

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