Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

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Abortion is used by several different individuals such as teenagers, rape victims, or even mothers in financial problems, but not matter the person should it be legal and do we give them an easy way out with Planned Parenthood? It’s easy to look at the mother’s side of the argument in this debate, but who is considering the baby’s side? If a person is more informed on this topic it would help them better understand the controversy, and know the reasoning behind both points of views. The best comparisoin to abortion that I have read was in “Abortion, Opposing Viewpoint,” and it said “Just as the Jewsih Holocaust in Nazi Germany was legal but morally wrong, abortions are legal but not moral. Several individuals compared abortion to a modern day Holocaust.
On January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court made abortion legal in America. The reason behind this is the Roe vs Wade case where Norma McCorvey, an unmarried pregnant women, sought an abortion but was denied it under Texas law. She claimed it violated her constitutional right to privacy. As stated in “Abortion, Opposing viewpoints,” even 35 plus years after this case, the procedure remains a hotly debated moral, religious, political, and social issue. There is always two sides to every story, and in this situation they are Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. Pro-Choice means you support the legalizing of abortion. On the flip side you have those who are Pro-Life, meaning they oppose abortion and euthanasia. As discussed in…

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