Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

1134 Words Nov 19th, 2015 5 Pages
As a doctor, I see an enormous amount of teen and unwanted pregnancies. I also see mothers decide to have a baby with the intentions to raise and take care of the child, but sadly, not all mothers are mature enough to raise a baby, and eventually let another family member take the child. In todays world, women who are considering an abortion are forced to decide in just 24 weeks, and some politicians want to shorten that time or even abolish abortion fully. On the other, there are some people who are “pro-choice” meaning the believe the mother has the choice to abort the baby up to 24 weeks. I know of one case that is personal to me. In 1977, when I was attending Yale’s medical school, there was a young lady in a Biology class. We became good friends throughout the semester. Towards the end of the semester she told me she was pregnant and she is not going to return to Yale next semester. Me being a supporter of pro-choice, suggested for her to look into getting an abortion. My friend thought over my advice, and after a few weeks decided to have the baby. Her parents allowed her and her child to stay at their home. As the years went by I always wondered how she was doing. Then one day on my way to my office I recognized a homeless woman on the side of the street. I stopped and offered to take this woman to breakfast. As we talked over a hot meal, I became curious as to how a Yale medical student could become homeless. I finally asked, she told me that for the first two years…

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