Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

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Do people consider a fetus to be a human or just an egg that has not yet fully evolved into one? When speaking of a fetus legally it is considered to be another member to society. The second a fetus is fertilized it has the right to life. Though abortion has not yet been banned, laws still have some sort of involvement when women decide to undergo abortion. Abortion is one of the most complex situation when falling into the prolife/prochoice debate. Prolife can be defined as the baby must be born despite all other viability or quality of life whereas prochoice is that each person has full control over what they do with their own body with respect to their reproductive systems as long as they do not breach anybody else’s reproductive system. It is clear that the reason why there is conflict is due to abortion. It can go either way on the debate depending on the situation and the beliefs that an individual may have. However, though the law protects unborn fetuses there should be other preventions and rights that should be contemplated, such as the absolute right to be born no matter the circumstances of the parent, and the right to adoption. Fetus are protected to an extent due to the prolife/prochoice debate, however they should be fully protected from abortion. Fetuses are legally protected to the right to life, as mentioned before. However, there is still that slight possibility of being non-existent. The role the government plays in abortion is that they provide the…

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