Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

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Before Roe v. Wade, society viewed abortion as harmful and disdainful. Many women were hurt and some killed because of illegal abortions. Abortion was highly unhealthy; in fact, “In 1930, abortion was listed as the official cause of death for almost 2,700 women—nearly one-fifth (18%) of maternal deaths recorded in that year” (“Lessons from Before Roe”). Women who wanted an abortion had no alternative to aborting their babies in a precarious way, and had the risk of hurting themselves, too. Society was deliberate in the 1960’s, so they looked upon abortion with a negative aspect.
During the 1960’s, when abortion was illegal, women had to find someone who would illegally abort their child for a costly budget. The ability for a woman to obtain an abortion depended on her wealth, race, and social class in society. If a woman had money, she could leave American and find someone who was qualified to abort her child. Poor and colored women had no opportunity, but to settle for the cheapest option. If these poor women could not find a doctor, they would have to do the abortion themselves. In this case, they would use coat hangers and other objects that could potentially harm their bodies. Thus, laws on abortion troubled and harmed the women of society.
More over, the issue on how abortion was viewed fifty years ago as opposed to today is a preeminent topic. Back in the 1960’s, before Roe v. Wade, many women wanted an abortion. However, at this point in time, it was illegal. As a…

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