Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

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The debate whether or not abortion should be a legal consideration continues amongst Americans. Arguments exist on both sides of the debate, some pro-life and some pro-choice. “proponents identifying as pro-choice, contend that choosing abortion is a woman’s right, they also say that pregnant women will result to unsafe illegal abortion if there is no legal action; and then opponents, identifying themselves as pro-life, they contend that person-hood began at conception, and therefore abortion is the immoral killing of an innocent human being” (abortion pro con). Do you think abortion should be legal? Whether it is for medical reasons that may put the mother at risk, or for convenience, and then there are cases that involves rape and even incest. A woman may feel that it is her right to do whatever with her body, and is it ok whatever state that you may reside in have authority of what decision you make regarding a pregnancy? The case in 1973 Roe vs. Wade showed favor of abortion rights, and it remains the law of the land. Pros
The U.S. Supreme Court has declared abortion to be a “fundamental” right. Women want to feel that they are in control over their bodies, and not made to feel that a state has the right to make decisions that they may not agree with. Sandra Day O’Connor wrote in the 1992 decision of planned parenthood v. Casey “the ability of women to participate equally in the economic and social…

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