Should Abortion Be Legal Essay

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Certainly the issue of abortion is not something to be taken lightly because it is the termination of what could, potentially, become a human being. There are very many ways of looking at abortion, which make it hard to decide whether or not you are for it. Although there are many good reasons as to why someone would choose to be against it I, for one, believe abortion could, in some cases, be the right thing to do. Abortion could save women from an experience that could either damage or kill them. This is not the same for every single case but there are exceptions.
First off there is the discussion of women's privacy and how the decision to abort a baby is mainly their decision. That and the decision of her partner is theirs alone, no
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But what do they really mean? What are the factors that distinguish each of them? You may think that pro-choice means that you are for the mothers choice, but you know what, if the mother has an abortion then she is a murderer. She is killing a innocent human being with a soul, who God dearly loves. I bet you have never thought of it like that before. Being pro-choice says that it is ok to let other people make wrong and hurtful decisions. Think about it, do you really want people to kill an innocent person?
"Induced termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or fetus (baby) that is incapable of survival," that is the definition of abortion straight from the dictionary. That doesn't sound as near as bad as this, which means the same thing; the induced killing of a pregnancy murdering a baby. Why does that seem more shocking to you than the first one? Probably because the way that society puts things is a lot nicer than the way they really are. "Killing of a pregnancy, murdering a baby," those are some harsh words. When you think of kill and murder you think of a terrible person who should be in jail. Then when you think of a mother who had an abortion, you should think of the same thing. Approximately 93% of all induced abortions are done for elective, non-medical reasons. That means that 93% of the women who get an abortion, are murders. Pro-choice doesn't seem so nice now, does it?
It all started in 1967 when California and Colorado

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