Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

1014 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
Abortion Rights When it comes to abortions a lot of people are against it, but for the women that want abortions there are other perspectives. Anti-abortionists only see that you are killing an innocent human being that’s not able to talk for itself. Having a baby comes with a lot of responsibility which demands money. Then there’s people that don’t want to have children, but laws in certain states are making that impossible for women that accidentally get pregnant. Women should be able to have an abortion no matter what the reason is. Anti-abortionists have many reasons why they believe having an abortion is wrong, but all the reasons don’t out number the reasons why women have abortions. When wanting an abortion, a woman feels a lot of shame. Then they realize for whatever reason they’re getting the abortion; they’re making the right decision for themselves. Whether the reason is the father is abusive, the pregnancy is life threatening, money issues, an unstable lifestyle, race, sex, or the fetus has a birth defect, it’s still the woman’s right. Women should be able to have an abortion without worrying about the opinion of others. In the article, “This Is What an Abortion Looks Like”, Merritt Tierce explains what having an abortion is really like. Which in her eyes abortion is common and women that get abortions shouldn’t be shamed for having one. Merritt Tierce states in her article, “This is how it really is, abortion: You do things you regret or don’t understand and…

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